Former NFL coach Buddy Ryan, best remembered for his work as the architect of the 1985 Chicago Bears defense, has died at the age of 82.

The outspoken Ryan was a favorite among players. He spent seven years serving as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles and Arizona Cardinals, compiling a 55-55-1 record, but it was his stint as defensive coordinator for the Bears that will be his hallmark. Considered by many to be the best defense, if not the best team, in NFL history, the Bears, which utilized the now-famous "46" defense, carried him off the field after they vanquished the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XX.

Ryan, who also won a Super Bowl as a member of the New York Jets coaching staff, coached in the NFL for a total of 35 seasons.

Ryan's son, Rex, currently serves as head coach of the Bills. His other son, Rob, is also on the Bills staff.

After news of Ryan's death broke, the Twittersphere remembered the trailblazing coach:

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