Many of us know that former Presidents receive pensions from the taxpayers but did you know that receive a lot more taxpayer funds for other expenses also.

According to the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service we fund former President’s staffs, office space, office supplies and more?

The Washington Free Beacon is reporting on some of those taxpayer funded expenses.  Bill Clinton received approximately $1 million dollars from us to pay for not only his pension but also his staff, a more than 8,000 square foot office in New York City and more.

It is reported that the Clinton’s are worth over 100 million dollars, the Clinton’s made more than $30 million dollars in 2014 alone.  The New York Times reported the following”

Hillary Rodham Clinton on Friday released her most recent eight years of tax returns, showing that she and former President Bill Clinton earned $139 million in adjusted gross income from 2007 to 2014. She also released a list of paid speeches showing that she had earned nearly $10 million in speaking fees in 2013, the year she left the State Department.

In regards to the amount of taxpayer money former President Bill Clinton has received from the taxpayer for his pension and other expenses, The Washington Free Beacon reported:

Clinton has received more than $17 million since 2001. That is nearly twice as much as the $8.6 million that Jimmy Carter has received and 35 percent more than George H.W. Bush. Bill Clinton also continues to collect a pension from Arkansas from his tenure as the state’s governor.

This issue of us taxpayers funding former Presidents is not only concerning Bill Clinton but all former presidents.

My question is if a former President is a multi-millionaire and has a certain amount of income each year should we as taxpayers be paying for his staff, office space and other expenses?  We should be paying them their pension no matter what they make or are worth but what about all the other expenses?

What exactly are we the taxpayer receiving in exchange for funding their staff, office space, office expenses and more?  Is it not about time we address this question in this day in age when as a former President you will become a very wealthy person if you are not one already.

Is it time to make a change to this benefit and make it a law that if a former President’s net worth is $5 million dollars or more than us taxpayers are no longer obligated to fund their staff, office space, office expenses and more?

This sounds like a good idea to me.  Why exactly do we pay for former President’s expenses other than their pension?

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