Has anyone considered this might be a mid-life crisis? But when you're filthy rich and are married to a supermodel, what's the point of buying a sports car, when you can buy the entire dealership.

Former University of Michigan quarterback and Montreal Expos' catching prospect Tom Brady says his “football journey will take place elsewhere.”

Scanning social media and sports sights in the past few days, "people in the know" say Brady would've preferred to finish his career in San Francisco, but who replaces a 28-year-old Super Bowl quarterback with a 43 year old one, even if it's Brady?

Those same pundits say Brady's options are down to about two or three teams, and this morning's post says New England is not one of them. But the real deadline for that decision is Wednesday at 4 pm ET. As another catcher once said, "It's never over 'til it's over.". Negotiations are never pretty, and in spite of everything you read, I warn you, don't be surprised if Brady is back where he's been all along.

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