I am not a beer drinker. Never have been and never will be. And that's that! Or...so I thought.

Founder's Brewing Company just revealed their latest creation - The KBS Maple Mackinac Fudge. Pronounced 'Mack-in-ah', not 'Mack-in-ack' as I mistakenly said to Dana who proceeded to tease me for the rest of the morning, this beer sounds delicious. On their Facebook post Founders detailed this new creation...

The newest KBS variant pays tribute to the sweet and rich Mackinac fudge that Michiganders know and love. We took our original KBS recipe and swapped out the traditional coffee mix for a Mackinac Fudge flavored coffee from our friends at Ferris Coffee & Nut Co., added maple syrup and began the barrel-aging process. The end result is a decadent delight that will be available in 12oz bottles and on draft in our taprooms on October 8.

Excuse me? Fudge combined with maple syrup in a beer? I may have to try this!

Now, if your post lock down goal included anything involving cutting down on beer and you find yourself tempted by this latest announcement you're not alone! Tim commented:

What the heck??? No way...that has to be delicious! Darn you Founders!!!

Rob seems equally as excited adding,

Who in the name of the delicious coffee chocolate stout gods thought of this? (That person is my hero!)

But, William made it a little weird.

I will welcome the birth of your new baby with open arms....& mouth

William...you good?

The KBS Maple Mackinac Fudge will be available in 4 packs or in the taproom on October 8th, as detailed in Founder's Facebook post, but will be available nationwide later in October.

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