You might be surprised when poke around on IMDb, Amazon's Internet Movie Database, looking for movies filmed in Kalamazoo.

When we did the search, we got 67 results back. Some of the results were film shorts and documentaries,etc. But a few had legitimate big stars like Ben Stiller and Richard Pryor. And the movie "Kalamazoo?" was star-studded, with Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik along with Josie Davis, and Hollywood veterans Dee Wallace (E.T), Claire Bloom, Chita Rivera,(Damn Yankees)  Renée Taylor (The Producers, The Nanny) and Michael Boatman (Spin City)

Here are 4 of the best known movies filmed in Kalamazoo

(1996) Flirting With Disaster, with Ben Stiller and Patricia Ar

(1978) Blue Collar, starring Richard Pryor.

(2007) Kalamazoo? Here's a recent gem that should've been more widely released.

(2009) Buddy BeBop vs the Living Dead. Here's a horror movie filmed in Kalamazoo, Marshall and Portage.

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