There seems to be no end in sight for a bitter contract dispute between DISH Network and FOX. In fact, more channels have been removed while FOX Sports Detroit remains blacked out, with the Detroit Red Wings and Detroit Pistons seasons approaching soon.

The fighting between the two companies has left many in Michigan, and other markets around the country, without regional sports channels for months. But recently, FOX also removed its national sports channels, including the Big Ten Network, FS1, and FS2 among others. Local FOX channels also went dark in 16 markets across 23 states. FOX 17 remains on DISH in West Michigan for now. The additional channels were removed on Thursday, September 26th with little announcement ahead of time.

Some viewers in Michigan didn’t see Saturday's Wolverines or Spartans games, which were on Big Ten Network, and Sunday's Lions game, which was on some local FOX stations in Michigan that were removed from DISH.

The dispute isn't affecting all channels that are branded with the FOX name. FOX News and FOX Business, and some others, are under a separate distribution agreement.

Both sides say in competing statements that the other is to blame for the blackout. The first outage between Dish and Fox Sports regional networks began in July.

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