I'm not going to say WE found the Foxy the stuffed fox that went missing a week ago, but after Laura Goins posted on Facebook about Foxy missing and her daughter being very upset about it, we  posted a story and on that repost is where someone said: "Hello I have your fox!" So, it's kind of like WE all found Foxy.

It started out with this message:

"This weekend we were in Grand Rapids and somewhere between our stay at Wyndham Gardens and the parking lot across from the DeVos Center, Foxy got lost.
Obviously Elsa is losing it."

So originally they thought it could only be one of two places but here comes the twist... Kellie posted a comment Monday night that the Fox had been found... in the parking lot of IHOP on 28th Street.

The best part is Laura commented on the post where Foxy had been found,

None of us remember him coming into the restaurant with us, and I called them about a half dozen times just in case.

One of the wonderful waitresses found him that day, and put him in a safe spot. Not many people knew he was there, and I just happened to only talk to folks who didn’t know

The GOOD power of social media at work with this story,  and just #PeopleDoingGood. Love it!

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