Beginning this fall, Kalamazoo public high students won't have to pay for taking a bus. The Foundation for Excellence will be picking up the tab. KPS high school students will be able to ride Kalamazoo Metro Transit buses for free with their student ID.

This deal is named the “Kalamazoo Youth Mobility Fund” and starts with the coming 2019-2020 school year.

The Youth Mobility Fun vision is simple: beginning with distribution of school IDs for the 2019/2020 school year, any KPS high schooler with a valid school ID can board a Metro bus anywhere in the system, tap the ID on the farebox, and ride for free an unlimited number of times. - Kalamazoo Metro Transit

In addition, School ID cards will also continue to double as library card, a deal which has been extended with the Kalamazoo Public Library.

Even with lower gasoline prices and the possibility that insurance rates may come down, this deal should make it easier for teens to get around town.




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