Tuesday is not just a big day for Robert and Nicole Goetz.   It’s a pretty big day for their chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese, sheep, and goats too.   It’s the farm event of the season, the Grand Opening of the Frontière Farm Stand between Eckford and Marengo on 22 Mile Road in Calhoun County.

Eckford?  Marengo?  It sounds pretty rural, doesn’t’ it?    Well, after all, it is a farm.   Ok, how about 6 miles southeast of Marshall?  That’s easy.

Seven years ago, Robert and Nicole lived in different countries and met on a dating site.  Two years later, they were married and bought the farm.   Nicole says they named it the Frontière Farmhouse because the word Frontière means border.  “We had a border separating us when we met.  Robert came up with the name and it just seemed to fit,” said Nicole, a native of Canada.  “Originally, we thought about starting a brewery, but farming is more our speed.”

Gothic Frontière Farms Logo

Normally, they don’t allow farm visitors, for the well-being of their animals, but they’ve decided to make an exception on Tuesdays from 12:00-6:00, starting June 15th as they open their new on-farm stand!

You find meat, eggs, and handmade items, as well as products from other local farmers, growers, and producers.   They have items you just don’t find very often, like duck eggs.  “We have duck eggs right now,” said Nicole Goetz.  “Ducks are very heat-sensitive and stop laying if it gets too hot, but right now we have plenty.”

Nicole says it can be a busy day, making sure all the animals get what they need and stay healthy.  She says it would be a lot tougher if they had cattle.   What about those giant sheep?  “The ones with the massive impressive horns are actually the biggest wimps,” said Nicole.  “When we have to trim them, those horns make excellent grab bars.”

Sheep-Frontiere Farmhouse photo

At Tuesday’s Frontière Farm Stand opening, the Goetz’s will also have a couple of giveaways happening.  You can get an entry to one of them just for coming to the grand opening.  If you make a purchase, you’ll get an entry to another one.  There won’t be tours at the opening but Nicole says they plan to offer tours in the future by appointment.

There will also be some specials for the Grand Opening:

  • Whole turkey will be $3.50/lb (regular $4/lb)
  • Whole chicken will be $4/lb (regular $4.50/lb)
  • Samples of turkey and pork available. 
Frontiere Farmhouse photo


  • Take Old 27 South of the Fountain in Marshall to Homer Road.
  • Go East on Homer Road to Division.
  • Go East on Division to 22 ½ Mile Road.
  • Turn right, South, on 22 ½ Mile road to 11211 22 Mile Rd, Marshall MI 49068
  • Please park in the grass on the north side of the driveway (towards the cornfield), there will be vehicles to help guide your parking.

The Goetz’s ask that you please leave all pets at home.  “We don’t want your animals to scare ours. Service animals welcome. This is a working farm. There will be smells and sounds and sights that you may not be used to. We ask that you do not go through any gates or doors without supervision and permission from one of us.”

Find all the details of the event here.

Frontiere Farmhouse photo

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