A Battle Creek barber that asks for no pity is recuperating after having a golf ball-sized tumor removed from his brain.

Perhaps you have been a client or at least have driven by the GQ Barbershop located at 5 Sylvan Street (Off West Columbia Avenue across from Speedway) which opened in 2002. Owner/Barber Garrett Rench was diagnosed with a grade 1 meningioma in early December 2020 after collapsing and becoming incoherent.

Doctors wanted him to go to the University of Michigan Hospital for surgery right away. As a business owner, husband, and father Garrett knew that there were things that would need to be taken care of before he could be off work indefinitely to recuperate.

In a message to his clients on December 14, he announced that all appointments were canceled while sharing news of his upcoming craniotomy surgery to remove the tumor. In the announcement, Garrett asks for no pity something that those who know him say speaks to his good and humble character.

The tumor was located behind Garrett's eyes and caused pressure on his brain and eyes as well as migraines. The good news is the tumor was found not to be cancerous after the December 22, 2020 surgery to remove it. The bad news is that the recovery could take quite a while. Client Jason Ughetti wanted to help the barber who has never asked for anything.

Jason as well as another client started a fundraiser to help, knowing that Garrett was likely losing money every day that he could not work. Money that pays to operate the barbershop, take care of his home and family as well as mounting medical bills. At first, Garrett refused but relented after Jason explained how much his clients and community cared and wanted to help.

The goal is modest at $5,000 but Jason says it would be amazing to exceed the goal and really take the burden off of Garrett and his family. The first check from the fundraiser was delivered earlier this week.

Courtesy of Jason Ughetti
Courtesy of Jason Ughetti

Here Jason (on the left) is with Garrett (on the right) presenting the first round of funds raised. Jason says that Garrett gets tired easily and the visit could not last long because of it.

If you would like to help this well-known community barber, click here to donate. 

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