CBS News called the Wisconsin primary a possible game changer for the race to the Republican nomination. It’s not.

Yes, Ted Cruz could win in Wisconsin. All the polls show the Texas Senator running ahead of frontrunner Donald Trump. However with the way upcoming primaries are stacking up- it is entirely possible that Cruz will be eliminated by the end of April.

He would join Ohio Governor John Kasich in the roll of spoiler or worse in the eyes of some, thief. You see if Trump comes up short on the 1237 delegates needed the GOP convention could be up for grabs.

On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders the guy who said people waiting in line for bread in poor socialist countries is a good thing, is leading in Wisconsin. If those feeling the Bern get the win, it would give Sanders 6 wins in the last 7 contests.

So is Wisconsin a game changer? No, probably not. We are still on course for those ready for Hillary and those on board the Trump train.

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