A small club in Battle Creek hosted some of the funniest names in stand-up comedy. These are the biggest stars that gave us side-splitting laughs.

For more than three decades, Gary Fields was the King of Comedy in Battle Creek. The club I remember most was the one on Capital Ave near I-94. Wednesday was wing night, there were great live bands, blues jams, karaoke, and non-stop laughs with live comedy on the weekend.

The scene moved downtown Battle Creek to a theater for a time before Gary hosted shows in the weird organ-shaped bubble at FireKeeper's Casino and the basement of Shakespeare's Pub in Kalamazoo. I can’t remember the years of who was where when (I was drinking a lot in those days), but I do remember laughing so much I almost spit beer out of my nose.

During my time on the radio in Battle Creek, Gary Fields would bring many of the comics by the studio to be on the air. Some of the lesser-known comics who worked the circuit were my favorites- the guys who would come by 3 or 4 times a year and you got to know them a little. It was always fun catching up and finding out what they had been up to and rooting for them to get that big break and make that move to the big time so many of them were hoping for. There were many big-name, famous comics that took the microphone in front of the brick wall at Gary Fields Comedy Club during those years as well. No matter who it was, we got their autograph before they left town.

Laugh Out Loud Famous Comics That Performed at Gary Fields Comedy Club in Battle Creek

When stand-up comics performed at Gary Fields, they often stopped by the radio studios to make us laugh. Every one of them left their mark before they left town

Check out some of these comedian's best bits, then keep scrolling to see six Michiganders have made a career out of cracking people up.

Stand Up Comics from Michigan

These Michiganders have made a career out of cracking people up.

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