George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic have a strong history in Michigan, dating back to one of my favorite live albums recorded on the same stage I graduated from in 2003, Funkadelic Live. The archive live-release from the Funk legends contains 10 previously unreleased tracks from their September 12, 1971 show at Meadowbrook, Rochester, Michigan, and includes a 14+ minute version of 'Maggot Brain', 'I Call My Baby Pussycat', 'Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow' and 'Alice in My Fantasies'.

Recently though they shared a memory from another epic live show that took place at Wings Stadium in Kalamazoo WAY back in the day. The show was supported by The Barkays and the flier has some CRAZY record shops listed on it that are guaranteed to bring back some memories to the old heads out there:

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Many people in the comment section commented on how they were at this very show:

I'm right here just down the road in Battle Creek. I was in attendance at Wings Stadium back then. I was also at your last stop in K-Zoo at Bells Brewery in 2015. All total I've been to 6 P-Funk concerts and will continue to attend whenever I can.

But man, talk about inflation. Tickets back then were $6.50. nothing like today where ticket sales would easily be over $20. Either way, it's been 7 years since the last time PFunk rolled through Kalamazoo, but would be welcome back anytime they want. Check out this whole show from Woodstock 99' out below:

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