If you need to get your crack fry fix, never fear because it will be easier and closer than ever. Hopcat has announced that their downtown Kalamazoo location will open onOctober 8 at 11am. That means you can plan your strategy to stand in line to be one of the first 200 people to get in and win crack fries for life.


Hopcat must be doing something right. In January 2015 for their Detroit location grand opening they had a World Record Tap Take Over with over 120 beers from Shorts Brewing on tap. We can't wait to see them pull out the stops for Kalamazoo's location, though no special events have yet been announced. Before you break out your tents and water supplies to camp out for the grand opening, we have two questions that we need to ask.


What makes Crack Fries So Addicting?

The Food Network put these tasty items on their top ten list of America's Best Fries - so fans have been searching for a DIY version to make at home for a long time. The best guess we found  was in a thread on Reddit, and they this will get you close to the addicting fries. They say you need your seasoning to be "3 parts Lawry's Season Salt, 1 part lemon pepper and a pinch of sugar."

Why do I want to drink beer at Hopcat with all the other places in town to go?

Because where else can you get 100 beers on tap at one place? Whether its a favorite or something you've never heard of, Hopcat prides themselves on giving you one of the best beer selections around. So cheers Kalamazoo, to all craft and no crap, we'll see you on October 8th.


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