In a move that is sure to be seen with great skepticism, former President George H.W. Bush is apparently voting for Hillary Clinton. The revelation came by way of another political dynasty, the Kennedys.

The former Attorney General of Maryland Kathleen Hartington Kennedy-Townsend confirmed the worst fears of the millions of people; Republicans and Democrats are essentially the same when it comes to the elitists and globalists running this country and many of the countries around the world.

Kennedy-Townsend says the former President told her himself that he would be voting for Hillary. This is further evidence that America and it’s core values mean little to the ruling class. It really is about power and money.

To the little people, ordinary Americans like me, this election is all about the Supreme Court and Hillary Clinton. There is no question about what kind of justices she will appoint and that Constitutional protections like the Bill of Rights will be in grave danger. I have no option but to support the candidate that will respect the court and the founding documents of this nation.

I have no respect at all for George H.W. Bush at this point. I should remind you that he was among a host of ‘establishment’ Republicans that said Ronald Reagan was ‘not fit’ to be President.

Some are warning that the Republican Party as we have known it will be destroyed by the rise of Donald Trump. I am perfectly ok with that because it seems the Republican Party and it’s so called establishment wing has no respect for We The People, the rule of law or this nation on many levels.

Is Donald Trump perfect? Absolutely not, but he is the only chance we have to protect the last line of defense in this nation and that is The Constitution of the United States of America. Voting for anything else is simply not an option.

We must defeat the Globalists that would have you believe we need no borders and that free trade is more important than free people. We must defeat the people who want their own legions of armed guards while stripping from the rest of us the right of self protection and self preservation.

We must defeat the Globalists who are engaged in crony-socialism. Yes crony-socialism. You see the term crony-capitalism is simply wrong. When the taxpayers are forced to subsidize, bailout, invest-in and otherwise support businesses it is certainly socialism and nothing else.

We should have figured out long ago that 41 was in bed with the Globalists and the Clinton’s (One in the same) because of his very cozy relationship with serial sexual predator Bill Clinton. The two are pretty much besties these days. They have palled around together for years and now we can all see why. They are both more interested in protecting their own kingdoms and if that means sacrificing the America we know then so be it. The rest is just bs and lip service.

41 isn’t voting for Hillary for any other reason than to hope that they can cling to the power reserved for the one tenth of one percenters and their oligarchies.

I have more respect for Bernie Sanders than ever before. I wonder what he was threatened with to get on board and shut his mouth. Funny how he railed against the establishment to just fall in line with the most establishment people of all time. I do not agree with his approach but I do agree with much of his diagnosis of the problems we face. Too much power is concentrated into the hands of a very select and very small group of people.

We already have a solution of course but we have to get off the Globalist Express before it careens us all off the edge into 1000 years of bondage. If Hillary Clinton wins America as you’ve known it will disappear at an accelerated rate. It will happen even faster than it has since Barack Obama took office.

It is time to defeat these power hungry monsters. It is time to fight back. It is time to admit they really are all the same at the top. The only hope we have is to vote for a different direction.

Donald Trump threatens everything they have built and that is why he has been attacked mercilessly from all sides. Republicans and Democrats have demonized him at every turn and joined forces to try and stop his rise. The mainstream media has become nothing more than an ad agency for Hillary Clinton. The media has been complicit in hiding her failures and cleaning up her lies and scandals. They are all on board because their bosses are on board and preaching some diversity, inclusiveness, cuddly non-sense and shaming anyone who does not get on board with rudimentary child psychology garbage. Fortunately the take-over started long ago and the mentally defenseless members of the press are easily swayed to carry the torch and burn down Donald Trump or anyone else that speaks up against their Globalist agenda.

The remaining hope is the American people and that there are enough left among us that have been raised right and willing to look behind the curtain and vote for the only chance we have. Our hope is that common sense and self-preservation will finally prevail over alleged victimhood and entitlement.

Do not trade a ‘walk on roll in the war for a lead roll in a cage.’ Do not become a new age slave to the socialist slave.

41 can vote for Hillary because that is in his best interest but I will cast my lot with the outsider because that is the only choice I have. I will never support the Globalists. Never.

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