A Gobles business is hosting and emergency fundraiser and donating all proceeds to the Baker family to get back on their feet after a devastating fire.

The house and everything inside was a total loss. A disastrous house fire not only destroyed the Baker family's home in Gobles, they also lost the family pet. As you so often hear, it couldn't have happened to nicer people. Todd and Elizabeth Baker are foster parents who always make sure the less fortunate have what they need before they take care of their own needs. Now their needs are many.

Kevin Ketchum, owner of Klassic Arcade immediately stepped up and created an emergency fundraiser to help. Friday, August 3rd from 4-8 pm, every penny of the $7 admission fee goes directly to the Bakers. Get a wristband and play all your favorite classic arcade games and old school pinball machines- no quarters required.

Photo: Megan Philley
Photo: Megan Philley

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