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The right to keep and bear arms will be one of the first things to vanish on the way to 2065. Gun ownership is such a quaint idea and such a focus on the now power thirsty progressive movement. Make no mistake the incremental destruction of the 2nd Amendment is about to commence. The left has never lost it’s focus of eliminating the private ownership of firearms altogether and with Barack Obama picking up speed on his radical transformation of America I believe it will begin before he leaves office in January 2017. That is if he does in fact leave. Right now I’m pretty sure he could get the Supreme Court to discard the 22nd Amendment and create some new ‘interpretation’ of what it was really supposed to mean. Don’t laugh, these things I am just beginning to lay out are far more likely than you care to admit. By the time my youngest son is my age I seriously doubt the 2nd Amendment will be intact. In fact I believe in 50 years time there will be almost no private ownership of weapons in America and not just guns but most types of archery equipment, knives of certain lengths and anything else that might cause bodily harm. Possession of certain classes of these weapons will be punishable by very swift and severe ‘zero tolerance’ statutes, putting the guilty in prison for long terms maybe as long as life for some firearms.

The freedom of speech in 2065 will be very different than it is today. By that time many mainstream religions will have been removed from non-profit status and run into oblivion by an endless barrage of attacks from the left. Churches in many respects will be treated like modern day hate groups and pariahs. The way gays and lesbians used to flock to secret weekend retreats and holidays to be among their own, is the only way some churches will even survive.

The America Flag will still exist in some areas but will be removed from primary and secondary schools and most government buildings because it offends too many people for its representation of racism, sexism and imperialism. School kids will have no idea in 50 years how to recite the pledge of allegiance because they will have never heard it. Most will have never heard The Lords Prayer either.

ATM’s will disappear long before we reach the fifty year mark. After all the cash will be eliminated much sooner. The financial collapse of Greece followed by other European Union nations will usher in the end of the EU the Euro and in just a few short years cash in nearly all nations including the United States. The reasons given for this drastic move will be many. The party leaders will invoke fear of crime, illegal drugs plus protecting the young and elderly from being preyed on by crooked bankers and filthy criminals. A vibrant black market will spring up in the shadows but getting caught could mean the loss of your home, your job and likely even your freedom. The government will frown heavily on anyone operating outside “the normal boundaries of society.”Freedom of Speech and of the Press will be legal but not in the ways you think of them today.

Publishing anything considered derogatory about someone’s chosen personal identity will be punishable by prison time. Discussions of America and it’s founding fathers will be frowned upon and will not be taught in any public school. Those white men our children will be taught exploited others solely for their own personal gain. They will learn little more on this subject.

The days of jumping in the car and running to grocery store will be a thing of the past. Personal transportation was a luxurious extravagance that simply had to be eliminated. The Party was able to create New Electric Trolley lines to make sure people could get to work or the market but that was more than enough. The planet was being destroyed by this ridiculous endeavor of driving oneself around. It, we were told created the Global Warming Crisis. Though in 50 years time the theory of Global Warming will be debunked as well.

The good news is, in the next 50 years will have stopped using petroleum based products almost altogether. Well, more accurately they won’t be widely available to the general public but those higher up in the Party will still be able to get many of the things they need like plastics and cosmetics and such.

Private property rights will be one of things that comes later on the list but make no mistake the idea of owning your own home, or farm or cottage on a lake will be no more 50 years from now. The government will know far better who needs housing and who doesn’t. The government will be best suited to determine where you should raise your kids, what schools they should attend and later be able to help your kids ‘pick’ the career path that best suits their individual talents. The idea that you would have your own home or decide which neighborhood to live in without considering all of the implications doesn’t even make sense.

Cigarettes will actually be nearly gone by then. Smoking tobacco so totally frowned upon that only outcasts would even consider it. The penalties for smoking tobacco will be substantial and severe. However the use of marijuana will be widespread and accepted.

Beef it’s not what’s for dinner. Meat for your consumption will be nearly gone in 50 years. The farms will be driven out of business by ever more and stricter regulations, and lawsuits over water and air quality and the alleged link to Global Climate Change. Farms will also be peppered with lawsuits from animal rights groups. The Party bosses will still have steak on their plates but yours will likely be no more than once a week and then only a small 3 or 4 ounce portion.

The backyard chickens you have now, you won’t have in 2065. You see the government will make sure to ‘keep everyone safe’ by stopping the unregulated hobby farmers. All its going to take is getting some kids sick, blaming some poor local schmuck and putting it on national TV a few times. Oh yeah, the drooling class will line right up behind yet another terrible idea.

Say goodbye to your dog too. Keeping pets will no longer be considered a good thing 50 years from now. Who the hell are we to think we can dictate to another creature how it should live. The courts will rule that man cannot take ownership of another being. By that time, animals will be represented by counsel on a very regular basis.

The days you enjoyed on your boat fishing will be nothing but a distant and sad memory by then. Pretty easy to figure out that gasoline will have long ago been outlawed to save the environment and fishing stocks belong to the state and not the individual. So you could fish if you’re catching them for the government quota otherwise it will be strictly prohibited. Hunting of course will be eliminated much earlier than fishing and for all of the obvious reasons.

Electricity won’t be gone but it will be rationed 50 years from now. Unfortunately the ‘Green Energy’ movement will still have a lot of work to do to deliver all the juice Americans and others actually want. The amount of electricity you get will be based on need and your value to the community as well.

This is just the beginning of the list of all that is going to vanish in the next 50 years. These things are going to disappear because liberty and freedom are evaporating now- leaving the rest no choice but to disappear as well.

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