Google is coming to Michigan to build their new autonomous cars. According to WILX, Google's autonomous vehicle unit Waymo will be starting to build their new autonomous cars in Michigan later this year but they want to start as soon as possible. Google and Waymo are looking for ready to go space for their autonomous car factory and they are looking at a lot of space as well, over 200,000 square feet. Even though the company is looking for that much factory space they are still looking in the Detroit area or in surrounding counties for the space.

Waymo and the state have agreed on a multi million dollar incentive grant, for the company to start looking for their new factory. The state also says that there will be 100 new jobs as well as 300 more coming later potentially.

In addition according to WILX, "Waymo says it will be the world's first factory dedicated "100 percent" to the mass production of Level 4 autonomous vehicles." So its looking like the autonomous cars are coming in a big a way espacially here in Michigan. More on it here. 

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