Ready or not, Google is preparing to force us to beef up our account security.  The search giant is getting set to not ask us, but make us switch our account to 2FA or two-factor authorization.  Security is paramount. And passwords are the single most important factor since they are quite often easy to steal and they are the center pin of our inline safety. The more complicated the password, the more likely we are to use the same one for multiple online accounts. That practice puts more of our information at risk. It is a vicious circle. Google executives are convinced the move to the two-factor or two-step authentication is the way to go until we reach a point where passwords aren’t even needed.

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Tech Radar reports it was a rather unassuming blog post from Mark Risher, Google's Director of product management, identity, and user security that is giving notice to the world of the pending change. You will soon be faced with the requirement that to continue using your Google account, you must accept and set up the two-factor account access.

Photo: Google
Photo: Google

Google’s browser, Chrome, has a built-in password manager. So do many others. And in the last couple of years, more and more people have been relying on password generators to come up with strong and complex passwords and then use a manager app to keep track of them for us. That lead to the development of paid password apps like LastPass.

Don’t be surprised then when you go to log into your Google account and you’re greeted with the security update message it will put up first asking you to set up your two-factor authentication before you proceed.  Or you can always work around that by doing it now and maybe save your data in the process.

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