GoPro footage can capture some truly amazing moments. It can also make your  humdrum existence pretty exciting.

One man got bored of the, well, boring day-to-day tasks at his job, so he decided to spice things up by outfitting himself with a GoPro, throwing in some upbeat music and editing clips of him doing all sorts of office tasks to make it seem way more interesting that they really are.

Never before has stapling papers, faxing documents and addressing envelopes been so riveting (not to mention checking your phone while on the toilet -- you've been warned!).

If this guy was able to devote so much time and energy to this video, then his boss may want to think about assigning him some more work. That'd give him a chance to make another video and who wouldn't want to see him do more simple tasks? A GoPro video of him collating would just be magical.

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