Flashback to your childhood: You run out of the house leaving the door open, and your mom declares, "What, were you raised in a barn?!"

Now, your answer to that questions could be, "ABSOLUTELY!"

Nestled into an 8-acre lot in Plainwell, Michigan is a possibly overlooked, breathtaking, nearly 5,700-square-foot home that is now up for sale.

Upon first glance this giant single-family home looks like a well-kept barn structure — but when you take a deeper look, you will find 6 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms with hardwood exposed beams throughout.

The rooms are dispersed among massive living spaces with 26-foot-vaulted ceilings and heated, restored hardwood floors that lead you through a rustic decor lovers' dream.

And yes, the kitchen does have pure copper counters, thanks for noticing!

Photo Property of Joe Goldsberry

Not only is this one of the most unique homes in the greater Kalamazoo area, but it also has an intriguing history.

This barn was originally built following the close of the Civil War, according to the MLS listing of the home. At the time, southwest Michigan was known for it's agriculture boom as The Southwest Michigan Business and Tourism Directory notes.

It is easy to picture this barn amidst the hustle and bustle of harvest season, and there are probably still scuff marks on the beams from the work it oversaw! But the history doesn't stop there. Eventually, an Amish community relocated the barn to where it currently resides, and the barn was renovated in the 1990s to the glorious structure you see.

So, have at it, and pretend you're in your own HGTV TV show and spend hours imagining yourself in this amazing home.


  • COST: $420,000
  • ADDRESS: 10900 N 22nd St., Plainwell, MI 49080 
  • ABOUT: 6 bedroom/3 bath home with 5,600+ square feet of finished living space; pure copper antimicrobial countertops; 26-foot ceilings, large windows that let in an abundance of natural light; exposed beams; private pond; heated hardwood floors and ceramic floors; metal roof with snow fence that will never have to be replaced, as well as skylights.
  • HAVE QUESTIONS? Contact the home's realtor, Joe Goldsberry at joe@homesmi.com

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