Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced today that Michigan schools will be able to resume in-person learning this fall. She qualified the announcement by saying that strict safety measures will need to be in place and emphasized the need for support and flexibility from the federal government in order to provide the necessary resources for students and staff members.

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Details are not yet available, but an Executive Order will be released on June 30th, along with a document called 'Michigan's Return to School Roadmap' which promises to provide details on what will be required for schools.

“Our students and educators have made incredible sacrifices these past few months to protect themselves and their families from the spread of COVID-19,” Whitmer said in a press release. “Thanks to our aggressive action against this virus, those who have done their part to flatten the curve, and the heroes on the front lines, I am optimistic that we will return to in-person learning in the fall. Schools must make sure to enact strict safety measures to continue protecting educators, students, and their families."

Whitmer went on to say that returning to school is a big step for Michigan's 1.5 million schoolchildren, and the state will work closely with school leaders to closely monitor everyone's health in an effort to keep students and educators safe from COVID-19.

According to a recent survey of Michigan residents, nearly half are in favor of school resuming in-person learning in the fall.

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