Let me see if I can try to understand the logic behind Whitmer’s thinking.  First of all, I must admit trying to understand the logic behind any Democrats thinking is a strange and scary path to go down.  A path that often leads you into a rat hole that is very difficult to get out of and usually ends in some type of emotional decision not based on facts at all by them.

But let me give her the respect her office affords her and attempt to do so.

The Detroit News is reporting that Governor Whitmer is asking the Republican State Representatives and Senators to negotiate with her to spend the more than $5 billion dollars given to the state.  The more than $5 billion dollars was given to the state from the Trump Administration to address Covid-19 related problems only.

Whitmer for some reason said the following:

"Even if members of the Legislature want to indulge in conspiracy theories or hurl insults, I remain ready, I remain ready to work together to deliver for the people of this state…My judgment will not get clouded by that noise”

I follow the news daily and I have no idea what she means by what came out of her mouth the other day.  I asked if I could ask her Magic Eight Ball what she meant by that statement and I have received no response to that question as of the publication of this piece.

The point is this, Whitmer with collaboration of the Michigan Democratic Party has made Michigan a state ruled by one person, that one person being Whitmer.  She has refused every opportunity to negotiate with the State Republicans going on a year now.  She did so because she believed she had the power to declare an emergency and rule over Michigan for as long as she wishes.  When the Michigan Supreme Court said the law she was pointing to that she believed gave her that power was not what that law stated and was in fact unconstitutional and her executive orders she forced on Michigan after the first 28 days were illegal.  She decided to ignore the Michigan Supreme Court and go around their ruling and issue her executive orders through the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

Now that the power swings back to the state House and Senate because they control the budgeting process, she wants everybody to play nice and fair in the sandbox.

When Senate Appropriations Chairman Jim Stamas, R-Midland was asked if they were using “normal” budgeting procedures he said”

"I think it's done in a lot of different ways"

When Michigan’s House Appropriations Chairman Thomas Albert, R-Lowell, was asked that same question he stated the obvious and honest answer:

"As I have said before, we will afford the governor as much input on the budget as she has afforded the people of Michigan during this pandemic”

Thanks, Representative Albert for stating the obvious and not dealing with a person who obviously gave no respect to the people of Michigan when she refused to deal with their elected Representatives, for close to a year now.

Here is an interesting statement made by Governor Whitmer and/or the Detroit News. The very same Detroit news article in which they reported she said that members of the Republican-controlled Legislature “have decided to primarily negotiate with one another and not the governor” they also report the following:

“Whitmer said her budget director, Dave Massaron, has met with Republican lawmakers and she continues to hold meetings with legislative leaders. The governor said she wants to "find some common ground."”

Which one is it Governor/Detroit News?

Are the Republicans not working with her and her office as was reported at the beginning of the article or are they as reported later in the article?

Interesting reporting indeed, confusing but interesting.

As I stated earlier in this piece, understanding the logic behind any Democrats thinking is a strange and scary path to go down.  A path that often leads you into a rat hole that is very difficult to get out of.

I believe I just proved it.

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