Yesterday I reported that the Whitmer Administration and Michigan’s Attorney General Office had issued search warrants to seize from storage “cell phones, iPads and laptops” of more than five dozen state officials working during the Flint water crisis.  One of those state officials included devices used by former Governor Rick Snyder.

Governor Snyder tweeted out the following:

His reference to RPA refers to his mantra of “relentless positive action”.

If Michigan’s Democrat Attorney General Dana Nessel already is in possession of the items requested of former Republican Governor Snyder then the question is what type of trick or dirty political play is AG Nessel doing?

Governor Snyder is correct when he ask why is the “AG's office is executing a search warrant on itself”.

Well AG Nessel responded to our former governor’s tweet when her spokeswoman Kelly Rossman-McKinney stated:

Mr. Snyder knows darn well why search warrants are being executed. It’s the pursuit of justice for the people of Flint, pure and simple.

Did you see an answer to the question in that statement?  It sounds to me like an answer to a question that was never asked.  Which tells me that where there is smoke there could be fire.

Did AG Nessel get caught in a dirty political play, we will hopefully soon find out.  If she did in fact get caught why is she politicizing Michigan’s Attorney General Office?

If she is politicizing Michigan’s Attorney General’s Office should she resign?

If there is not a better answer to the question why is AG Nessel issuing a search warrant against her own office. Then I believe the state of Michigan should appoint a special prosecutor to execute search warrants against AG Nessel’s electronic devices as well as any electronic devices and paper work of all who were involved in the requesting of these search warrants.

Sounds fair to me, how about you?

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