Governor Whitmer announced yesterday a series of reforms motivated by the recent protesting, rioting, and looting.

Whitmer stated:

All Michiganders, no matter their community or the color of their skin, deserve equal treatment under the law

Whoever stated that they did not Governor?  Do we not already have laws in place assuring equal treatment under the law?

Whitmer then went on to say:

This proposal will help us ensure that law enforcement officials treat all Michiganders with humanity and respect, and will help us keep our communities safe. I will continue working with leaders in law enforcement to make public safety more just and equitable in Michigan.

The measures Whitmer called for Monday include:

  • Further limits on the use of no-knock warrants
  • Incentive programs for law enforcement agencies to hire/retain officers who live where they work
  • Call on an arm of the Department of Health and Human Services to recommend best practices and training for police responding to calls involving people who are mentally ill
  • Promotion of programs to improve relationships between police, communities and community leaders
  • Banning the police use of chokeholds
  • Make “racially” motivated 911 calls hate crimes

The last one is interesting.  How will they exactly define in law a “racially” motivated 911 call?

What is a “racially” motivated 911 call?

Who determines that is was a “racially” motivated 911 call?

Why was not any of these very important questions addressed at all during her announcement?

If a white person calls 911 and it concerns a person of another color could that be a “racially” motivated 911 call?  Has the white person committed a “hate” crime?

How about if a black person calls 911 and it concerns a white person could that be a “racially” motivated 911 call? Has the black person committed a “hate” crime?

The only way I can think of really knowing if a 911 call was racially motivated would be if the person who called 911 actually is stupid enough to admit it.

If the Governor refuses to define what a “racially” motivated 911 call consist of could this actually have a chilling effect on Michigan residents actually calling 911?

I am having difficulty understanding even how they can set up criteria that would lead the state to determine that a 911 call was “racially” motivated unless the caller admits it.

If Michigan residents are now worried about calling 911 on a person who has a different skin color or body part then themselves, this will cause more destruction to property, harm, and death to more Michiganders?


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