With hospitalizations rates at very low numbers and COVID-19 related deaths reported by the state daily in the single digits for over 3 weeks, not including their “vital records review” when they disagree with the cause of death on the death certificates, Governor Whitmer has decided to close more businesses across the state.

NBC-affiliated television station WDIV-TV channel 4 in Detroit using Michigan supplied data reported:

On July 27, Michigan reported its lowest percentage of active cases hospitalized, at 2.90% percent.

With Executive Orders 2020-160 and 2020-161 Whitmer has ordered more businesses to shut their doors.  Starting July 31, 2020, statewide indoor gatherings will be limited to 10 people and bars will be closed for indoor service across the state, including in Regions 6 and 8.

In a press release about her new Executive Orders Whitmer stated:

“As we see COVID-19 cases continue to rise, Michiganders cannot afford to drop our guard. We must take every step possible to saave lives, protect the brave men and women on the front lines, and avoid overwhelming our healthcare system while we continue to combat COVID-19”

Positive cases are on a slight rise but as I stated hospitalizations are down, deaths are down and our hospitals are nowhere near capacity so what she stated in her release is misleading.  In fact, if positive cases are on the rise it is good to know that that there is little to no effect on the death rates.  In the end, most of us will be infected by this virus just as we are every year with new strains of the flu.

What I found interesting is Executive Order 2020-160 orders that all bars in every region, including up north, must close their doors for indoor service if they earn more than 70% of their gross receipts from sales of alcoholic beverages.

Can anyone explain to me what the difference is between a bar/restaurant that earns more than 70% of their gross receipts from the sale of alcoholic beverages or food?

What is the logic or data behind that decision?

Business “A” sells food and booze but if they make 70% or more of their gross receipts from booze they must close their doors.

Business “B” sells food and booze but if they make 70% or more of their gross receipts from food they can stay open.

I leave you with one last thought.

If Governor Whitmer is denying private citizens the ability to make a living and because of that ordering that they do without.  Why is she demanding that the Federal government give her money to cover the consequences of her decision because she and the state government cannot do without?

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