Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer will pay for her trip to Florida and the Biden inauguration with campaign funds.  That’s according to Whitmer campaign attorney Christopher Trebilcock.   Trebilcock sent a letter to State Rep. Steve Johnson explaining the payment change, and clarifying other matters.

PVS Chemicals of Detroit furnished the private jet that Whitmer used to travel to Florida to visit her father in mid-March.  When it came out that a non-profit corporation that Whitmer controls paid for the trip, the FAA started to look into the legality of it, prompting her to use campaign funds instead.

The letter also reveals that Whitmer will pay the $855 estimated cost of her seat, as well as the cost of her two daughters who make the return trip to Michigan.

In addition to the $27,521 cost of the Florida trip, the campaign fund will also be paying $22,670 to reimburse Solomon Plumbing Company for the use of their jet for the inauguration ceremony in January.

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Trebilcock’s letter also indicates that neither PVS Chemicals nor Solomon Plumbing Company has the type of FAA license that permits their private aircraft to operate charter flights.

The letter also stated that a commercial flight could not be considered. “As you know, the threats against the Governor’s life are well-documented. Commercial flights were deemed not reasonable for security reasons at that time.”

Governor Whitmer disclosed on May 14th that the Florida flight was paid for by a nonprofit corporation she controls.  That prompted a conservative group to file a complaint with the IRS, seeking an investigation into whether the governor improperly used nonprofit funds to cover personal expenses.

Read the letter to Rep. Steve Johnson from the Whitmer legal team here.



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