Getty Images By Christopher Furlong
Getty Images By Christopher Furlong

For those of you who believe that our government is good stewards of our taxpayers’ money, I give you the following:

From the Daily Caller: Texas contractor wastes $133 million of our Medicaid dollars on dentist.

Thanks, Texas.

From the Office of the Inspector General of the Social Security Administration: The federal government sent $17 Billion in disability payments to unqualified, prisoners, and the dead.

I have been informing all of you for years that our government has been throwing away billions in Social Security disability scam.  I personally know someone who is scamming SSDI, I have reported him but to no avail.  He still receives a check every month.

From the Washington Post: Top Weather Service official creates consulting job, then retires with a full pension and gives himself this new job with a $43,200 raise.

Great gig if you can get it.

It is time we stop this madness.

Do you agree?

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