I know it makes no sense, but then suddenly winning $5 Million dollars doesn't make much sense, either. If you play Lotto 47, for example, then when you see someone else win the jackpot, it sure does feel like they won your money.

A Grand Rapids woman realized she'd won a $5 million Lotto 47 jackpot prize by scrolling through Facebook the night after the drawing. She matched all six Lotto 47 numbers drawn Nov. 20: 17-18-24-26-35-40. She bought the winning ticket at the D & W Fresh Market located at 6425 28th Street Southeast in Grand Rapids.

"I usually only buy Lotto 47 tickets when the jackpot gets over $10 million," said the anonymous player. "When I was at the store, I saw the jackpot was only at $5 million, but I decided to get a ticket anyway." - Michigan Lottery release

An anonymous Van Buren County man won $300,000 playing the Michigan Lottery's Super Bingo game at Halftime Food and Beverage in Lawton.

"I stopped to buy a couple Lottery tickets and asked for a big winner," said the lucky player. "The clerk said: 'There's only three of these left.' Then she handed me three Super Bingo tickets. "I scratched the tickets off when I got home, and the $300,000 winner was the last one I scratched. I started crying tears of joy and then ran to my neighbor's house to tell him the good news!" - Michigan Lottery release

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