Thousands walked hand in hand through the streets of Charleston, South Carolina on Father’s Day. They sang, wept, held each other and held up higher ideals for all to see and be witness to.

In the wake of an unspeakable attack born of bigotry and hate and fueled by prescription drugs, violent video games, and the internet--Charleston did not spiral into riots and looting but rather love, hymns and forgiveness. Let this be a lesson to those that choose to ignore the strength of faith.

You see, when true evil rears its despicable head, our nation puts aside political rhetoric and division--well most of us anyway. We hold each other, rally for each other, support each other for as long as it takes.

What happened in Charleston is nothing like what happened in Ferguson or Baltimore. Common sense people know that. Clear thinking, honest, and good people know that. People like Al Sharpton are shunned and the voices of people whose loved ones were gunned down by an evil man are lifted up.

This is the America that I know and love.

There is not finger pointing in the streets of Charleston today. There is an effort instead to point to the future and to rebuild the faith in a shaken community.

I think many in this great and exceptional nation ought to take notice of what happened in Charleston and maybe more importantly, what didn’t happen.

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