A Grand Rapids woman is suing the sub shop, Jimmy John's because of an allergic reaction that she says left her disabled.

Lindsey Bresnahan, whom is allergic to mustard, placed an order with the Jimmy John's on Alpine Ave NW, in Comstock Park, back in June when she ordered the "Billy Club Unwich" without mustard. On the restaurant's website it says that the Billy Club comes with Dijon mustard.

After taking the initial bite, Bresnahan says she instantly felt a reaction.

...including coughing, eyes watering, and her throat beginning to close."

When she looked at the sandwich she saw that mustard had been put on it.

Bresnahan says she took a Benadryl but her symptoms only got worse over the next week as she experienced violent coughs and vomiting which eventually lead to her not being able to speak normally. Her lawyer states in the lawsuit that:

Plaintiff has been unable to speak above a whisper since the incident occurred..."

According to her attorney, Bresnahan is now on disability and unable to work.

She is seeking $75,000 in damages for negligence on the restaurant's part.

Apparently, she contacted the Jimmy John's store after the allergic reaction occurred and a worker only apologized.


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