I just got back into my office from a week of vacation and discovered some great news for the people of Michigan.

According to the Michigan Capitol Confidential news site the number of Michiganders collecting unemployment benefits has decreased by 90% since Governor Granholm, a Democrat, has left office and Governor Snyder, a Republican, took over the office of the Governor.

Why is that important, because believe it or not working is good for our health and well-being.  The benefits of working:

  • Working keeps us busy, challenges us and gives us the means to develop ourselves.
  • gives us a sense of pride, identity and personal achievement
  • enables us to socialize, build contacts and find support
  • and obviously provides us with money to support ourselves

The MCC site stated:

During the week of June 24, 2009, 363,212 Michigan residents were collecting unemployment insurance benefits. Nine years later, just 35,247 were collecting unemployment benefits, a decline of 90 percent. It’s also the lowest number since 1987.

Those 35,247 people only represent .83% of Michigan’s total workforce according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Don Grimes, a University of Michigan economist was quoted in the article stating:

The labor market situation in Michigan is great for people looking for a job and tough for firms who want to hire

A bit of information for you to know, a law enacted in 2012 reduced the maximum time someone can receive benefits from 26 weeks to 20 weeks.

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