Nothing says 2020 Michigander stocking stuffers quite like a Gretchen Whitmer inspired beer. At least, that's what sold-out Rake Beer Project's pre-orders of "Big Gretch: The Return" would suggest. The Muskegon based craft brewery reported all 40 cases of the limited edition beer sold out in under ten minutes.

Speaking with MLive, owner Josh Rake says he's “incredibly grateful” to the customers who snatched up the brew in record time, especially since, according to Rake, this is the largest release the Rake Beer Project has ever done, even larger than the Big Gretch hard seltzer they released in May.

Although the beer was brewed in support of our governor and the, certainly, difficult decisions our state's government has had to make during the pandemic, I think it's safe to say that people opposed to the governor's recommendations would get a giggle out of a Big Gretch beer as a gag gift. Maybe they can ironically display it next to the framed Murder Hornet taxidermy they managed to find on the dark web...

Personally, I think if we gathered enough random bits of 2020 history and put them in to one great big time capsule, future people will either be grateful they missed this year, or think we're messing with them. Either way, I think a Big Gretch: The Return is just the adult beverage to have on hand when picking out your favorite Tiger King memorabilia or an Eddie Van Halen poster to add to the annals of history.

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