No matter how much money you may have how do you give your 35 year old Princeton graduate an allowance?

Might you have spoiled that boy throughout his life which then stunted his ability to become a man?

The USA Today is reporting on Thomas Gilbert Jr. who was sentenced last Friday to 30 years to life in prison for killing his 70 year old extremely wealthy father.

Why did he kill his father?

Well he killed his father for the same reason many sons and daughters in their 30’s with an Ivy League college degree would, his father cut his weekly allowance.

Just hours before he was killed he told his 35 year old Princeton graduate son that he was reducing his weekly allowance from $1,000 to $300.  Yes this 35 year old man was getting an allowance from his parents.  Prosecutors said that he was unable to hold down a job and he relied on his parents for his basic daily expenses.  A $1,000 a week for his “daily expenses”, I assume that means his housing was already being taken care of.

What do people in this society think is going to happen when they coddle children and then continue to coddle them when they become adult men and women?

They become snowflakes and believe someone else should pay for their, you name it.  Then they start to vote and we certainly know which party they vote for.  Then that party continues to erode and destroy this country.

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