Hague Park (now called Vandercook Lake Park, south of Jackson) was an extraordinary amusement park that had its beginnings in the 1890s.

It featured arcade games, ball games, hot air balloon rides, bowling, carousel, dancing, giant water slide, roller coaster, roller skating, steamboat rides and much, much more. It was a wonderful place to go in southern & mid-Michigan for a grand time...and then...it was gone. But if you look REAL hard, you're able to find a few leftover Hague Park artifacts that are still around.

Where did it go?

In 1923, a fire broke out and spread from building to building, destroying seven buildings in all. Calls to the Jackson Fire Department were to no avail, as the park officials were told the park was out of the fire department's jurisdiction. No help came.

It's a sad tale and we can only imagine what would've happened to the place if it hadn't burned. But it's a fascinating journey for anyone from Michigan who's interested in our history.

Wish I coulda been around back then to enjoy the park...at least we can enjoy all the pictures below of what the park once was like…take a look and check ‘em out!

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