An Athens man who reportedly tried on women’s Halloween costumes before exposing himself to employees at Lakeview Square Mall is being sought by Battle Creek police. Authorities say they were called to the Spirit of Halloween costume store just before 5:30 Wednesday. The 68-year-old suspect had apparently entered the store dressed in men’s clothing and started asking about women’s costumes.

Clerks say he had been in the store previously exhibiting disturbing behavior. One time he reportedly asked for help in a dressing room and was discovered masturbating inside. He also is said to have tried on costumes with women's skirts and dresses which fit too small, exposing his private parts. In another disturbing occasion, he is said to have asked a female clerk if young boys could help him.

The man told police he’s a cross dresser and likes to wear women's clothing but denied he ever exposed himself to others there. He said his wife drops him at the mall and is not aware of his activities. His name has not been released.

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