No bones about it, if you love magic and Halloween you'll want to check this event out in the Magic Capital of the World...Colon, MI.According to the River Lake Inn press release:

There was Harry Keller, dubbed the Dean of American Magicians. There was Harry Blackstone, Sr., who brought magic to Colon, Michigan, helping to turn the little village into the recognized Magic Capital of the World. There was Blackstone's son, Harry Blackstone, Jr., who was born in Three Rivers, raised in Colon, and went on to become even more famous than his dad. And, of course, there was the rock star of magic, the most famous Harry of them all: Harry Houdini.

And now, there's Harry Halloween, a rather skeletal magician who sits in the foyer at River Lake Inn in Colon, welcoming guests to the restaurant's Sixth Annual Halloween Comedy Magic Show and Dinner.

"Harry is my backup for the Halloween show," said Ron Carnell, long-time resident of Colon and resident magician at the dinner house. "His tricks aren't all that great, but he definitely knows how to tickle everyone's funny bone. Nothing ever seems to get under Harry's skin."

The annual Halloween Magic Show and Dinner is on October 14 this year and starts at 6 p.m. Following the hour-long show, guests will be invited to help themselves to the extensive salad bar before their dinners arrive. Later, after included desserts are served and everyone is relaxing with coffee or wine, Carnell will perform one more encore magic effect to close out the evening.

Halloween is that time of the year when things go bump in the night and all the magical creatures of lore lurk in unseen shadows. However, according to Carnell, it's also a time to laugh and enjoy the sheer wonder of seeing reality twisted right before our very eyes. The emphasis in the magic show will be on comedy, but Carnell warns there might be a few bumps in the night, too.

"My friend Harry is looking forward to the show just a much as I am," quips Carnell. "And, after everyone has left, Harry will get paid with a big helping of River Lake's delicious spare ribs. Assuming, of course, he has the stomach for it?"

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