Hartwick is another of those Michigan villages whose settlers had great intentions, but their dreams of growth never came to fruition.

What’s left of the community is in Hartwick Township, Osceola County. The first settler, Smith Hawking, arrived in 1866. When the township became organized in 1870, Hawking was elected Hartwick’s first supervisor. A post office began operations the last day of 1881 with Alfred Davis as postmaster. The P.O. lasted 30 years, finally shutting down in 1911.

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The township still exists, but all that's left of the 'town' of Hartwick is an old one-room schoolhouse (now a residence) and a modernized township hall (SEE PHOTOS). There are not many homes around and many consider it a Michigan Ghost Town.

You can find the remainders of the once-town named Hartwick at the intersection of 90th Avenue & Sunrise Lake Rd. and a couple of hundred feet north on 90th Avenue for the rest.



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