I just realized over the weekend that being exposed so much over the last 10 years to politics and the party of hate and evil that it has changed me.  When I say it has changed me I unfortunately mean it has changed me for the worse.

There is so much backstabbing, lying and hatred in politics it is bound to change you if you are around it enough and do not realize what is going on within yourself.  Yes politics is a game of hardball but there is a difference between hardball and outright fighting of hatred and evil.  Yes politics for the casual observer is dirty but let me tell you for a man who has been in it for the last 10 years it is much, much, much, much, much, worse than you think.

My wife has told me in the last few years I have changed, I have become more negative in my attitude and just not as happy as a person as I use to be.  At first I did not believe her, then I started to see her point of view and believed maybe at the age of 54 I am going through some type of male menopause.  Maybe I am taking stock of my life and wondering what I could have done better, how I could have avoided some of my colossal failures in life or at least dealt with them better and just wondering where all the time went.  I never really stopped to smell the roses.

Part of what changed me could have been what I stated above but after another, let us say concern from my wife about my stress level and attitude I wondered if I truly have changed.

Sitting in church yesterday and listening to the pastor I have come to the realization that I have changed and as I said above not for the better.

There are so many dishonest people in politics, so many soulless people in politics and yes so many evil people in politics that if you hang around them and the discussion or lack of factual discussion it changes you.

When you believe that facts will change their minds and you tell them those facts over and over again and get nowhere it frustrates you and it changes you.

When you try to debate with them and they say over and over again their talking points and refuse to answer your questions and debate the facts it changes you.

When you think you are discussing the issues of the day with people who have the same intentions that you do and that is what is best for all Americans and then you find out they only care what it best for themselves and their team, it changes you.

When you talk with people and see them on television everyday who have so much hatred and evil in their hearts that they are willing to destroy people and their families for their own power grab, it changes you.

All of this hatred and evil eventually will make you a worse person.

All of this hatred and evil will eventually consume you and take over your life, especially the attitude part of your life.

Once your attitude starts to become like theirs, filled with hatred and eventually letting in evil it will change you.

I warn you of this because I want you to become aware of the creeping hatred and evil as I have over the weekend, and I have my wife to thank for that.

This building of hatred and evil I must admit I see coming mainly from one ideologue and that is the Democrat, Liberal, progressive, Democratic Socialist or whatever they are calling themselves this year.

There is so much hatred, aggression and violence in their hearts I am actually starting to feel sorry for them.

And yes there is evil in their hearts and minds, what we saw last Thursday from the Senate Democrats in the Judiciary Committee was nothing short of pure evil.  Evil that will destroy a man, his wife and children for power and that my friends is the essence of evil.  They do not care about the man, his wife or his children and they do not care about the women, Ms. Ford who it appears is dealing with mental issues or had been coached to look like she was.  They are just using her as a pawn and will throw her away as soon as they are finished with her, that my friends is again pure evil.

Do not let people label you, once you are labeled people put you in that box and will not let you out in their minds.

The one label you should accept and accept proudly is that of an American, not a Republican, Democrat, Conservative or Liberal.

Never lose who you are, you are an American.  Too many of us have lost, forgotten or have not been taught we are first all Americans

Ask yourself; how do you want to live, how do you want your children and grandchildren to live?  By the rule of law or the rule of who is in power at the time?

This is about personal change not about what happened last week.  Last week and my reaction to it was just the catalyst of realizing what has happened to me over the years of covering politics.

Do you know who you are or who you have become?

Please realize what you may be becoming and stop it, I am.  If we as a country do not realize what we have become and stop it, it will destroy us all.

This is not about being Democrats, Republicans or whatever label you want to put on yourself.  This is about realizing what you and we have become and a need to stop it and once again become Americans, wear that label proudly.

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