113 South Front Street in Marquette is haunted. Ask anyone who’s lived there for years and they’ll say it ain’t just a rumor…it’s a fact.

The building was built in 1886 as a combination furniture store and funeral home titled “H.R. Oates Furniture/Undertaking”. It made sense, since the Oates company also made their own coffins.

The cellar was used by morticians for embalming corpses and was a handy place to store dead bodies that couldn’t get buried in the wintertime, thanks to the rock-hard frozen ground. The bodies were laid out in coffins that sat throughout the cellar until the spring thaw (another source says the bodies were kept upstairs).

One of this building’s tales is that of a woman who was believed dead and placed in a coffin and left in the building overnight. When the morticians came back the next morning, they discovered that she had been alive when put in the coffin…she suffocated to death. Employees have claimed to see the ghostly apparition of a woman and have heard her say “Can you get me out? I want out…let me out…”

Another rumor says the basement was used as a speakeasy during Prohibition in the 1920s. When the furniture/undertaking business folded in the 1930s, the building became a bar. It became the well-known Shamrock Bar in 1945 which lasted a few decades. It was sold in 2007 and became Elizabeth’s Chophouse.

Strange and odd occurrences are frequent, such as lights flickering, moving objects, the sound of a baby crying, doors closing on their own, and ghostly figures. The U.P. Paranormal Society confirms that there is supernatural activity there.

To be fair, some of the above dates are disputed in some recollections. Either way, this place is 100% believed to contain paranormal activity.

Visit for yourself and see what happens.

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