The next time you're in the downtown Battle Creek area, make sure you take the time to stop and appreciate a newly debuted mural.

The mural is, in a word, breathtaking. And, will be hard to miss. The mural, which you can see below, is a new addition to the Zero Hunger Murals that are displayed throughout the country:

Via/ Color the Creek
Via/ Color the Creek
Via/ Color the Creek
Via/ Color the Creek

What Are Zero Hunger Murals?

Zero Hunger Murals is a collaboration between a number of agencies. That includes Street Art for Mankind, a non-profit using art to raise awareness on social justice and environmental issues, and World Food Program USA, which aims to fight global hunger.

In total, there are six Zero Hunger Murals. One in Washington D.C, New Orleans, Houston, Detroit, Oakland, and now, Battle Creek. The hope is that these murals will not just raise awareness but, will inspire those who see them to take action and combat food insecurity. Especially since those food insecurities tend to impact Black communities at a disproportionate rate. Read more here.

Battle Creek's mural, which you can see at 2 Hamblin Avenue, was created by three-time award-winning artist Moh Awudu. Judging from his Instagram alone, Moh Awundu seems to specialize in creating incredibly detailed works of art both on walls and canvas. Here are just a couple of the pieces that he's posted:

See more of his work here.

You can visit Battle Creek's mural anytime or, if you love celebrating street art, catch it at Color the Creek's upcoming festival.

Color the Creek, 2022, is slated for August 15th - August 20th. Learn more below:

For all updates, musical lineup announcements, and more, make sure to follow Color the Creek on Facebook.

Speaking of murals, there are quite a few in the Kalamazoo and Portage area. There's even something called the Wall Crawl which takes you from one mural to the next. Here are just a few that you'll see on the crawl:

Murals from Kalamazoo's Wall Crawl

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