Have you seen these mushroom houses in northern Michigan?

Charlevoix is a gorgeous little town that sits on the coast of Lake Michigan. Recently, and quite randomly, a Facebook post from grkids.com detailing "21 Epic Things to Do in Charlevoix MI for Summer, Spring or Fall" happened to pop up on my feed.

The list includes must-visit restaurants, hotels to stay at, and so on. But, the very first item on their list, which immediately piqued my interest, is the mushroom house. Or, to be correct, the multiple mushroom houses.

What Mushroom House?

If you, like me, have yet to visit Charlevoix, the idea of mushroom houses may be a bit confusing. But, once you see them...you'll understand why they've earned that name. The designs mimic something you might see in the smurfs with sloping, curved roofs and chimneys that look like they're melting.

The architect responsible for these diverse designs is Earl Young, an artist who apparently did not believe in using blueprints. According to visitcharlevoix.com,

As an artist, he created homes that fit the site, rather than forcing the landscape to accommodate the design. Over the course of his fifty-year career, Young would build twenty-six residential houses and four commercial properties. His works are made mostly of stone, using limestone, fieldstone, and boulders that he found throughout Northern Michigan.

The homes have to be impressive when you see them in person. However, not all of us are able to take a trip to northern Michigan. Thankfully, you can still check out a few of these places on Google Maps:

*All of these homes are privately owned. Please be respectful of the owner's privacy should you visit the area*

Have You Seen The Marvelous Mushroom Houses in Michigan?

Located in Charlevoix, these homes really do resemble their namesake...mushrooms!

Keep in mind, there are more Earl Young properties in the area. However, they may not be accessible by road or the Google Maps car simply did not visit that part of the town. Luckily, there's a self-guided map you can follow here.

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