In a tragic weekend in Honolulu Hawaii, two police officers were killed by a disgruntled and apparently mentally troubled man.  The violence started when the gunman stabbed the landlord of the residence he was staying in and being evicted from.  She is in serious condition but is expected to live.

According to the New York Times, the police identified the suspect as a 69-year-old man who was staying at the residence rent-free in lieu of making repairs to the residence.  He started shooting at the officers who responded to a 911 call after the man stabbed the landlord.

A lawyer for the cop killer did confirm that he was being evicted from the home by the homeowner because they were moving back to Hawaii from the United States.

Now here is the kicker according to the New York Times his lawyer stated:

He had some mental health issues…He felt that the government was watching him all the time. He felt that they were tapping his phone.

Ok, but then his lawyer stated:

He certainly shouldn’t have guns with a restraining order against him…I don’t know how he got a gun.

I agree; how did he have a gun if the law said he was not allowed to have one.  I am confused about how this happened because there is a law and that law said he should not have one but he did.

Well, there is an obvious fix to this; we need to have another law that states that it is against the law to break the other law which stated he should not have a gun.

This issue is fixed let’s move on to the next one.

He burned down the residence he was staying in along with 6 others that caught fire.  It is against the law to burn down someone’s home without permission from the homeowner and the fire department.  So obviously we need another law which states if you break the other law which states it is against the law to burn down other people’s homes you’re going to be in even bigger trouble.

This issue is fixed let’s move on to the next one.

Wow, this is really easy fixing these issues if you just have a simplistic mind about everything.

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