They are composed of performers with Asperger's Syndrome. The release for tonight's show says "they want you to laugh at their work, not their condition". They are stars of an HBO docu-series, and on Netflix with their documentary. "Asperger's Are Us" world tour will stop in Kalamazoo tonight.

"Asperger's Are Us" are at the Crawlspace Comedy Theatre, which is in the First Baptist Church building downtown Kalamazoo at 315 W. Michigan Ave. 

"Asperger’s Are Us will bring their comedy to the intimate setting to bring laughs and possibly shatter assumptions of what people with Asperger’s are all about...

The New York Times said, “Instead of focusing on the condition, the four men who make up the troupe perform skits and monologues that reflect their thoughts, perspectives and offbeat sensibilities, often characterized by deadpan and absurd humor… the guys are not looking for sympathy laughs or polite applause. Their show is not an autism awareness campaign, they say. They want people to laugh simply because they’re funny.” - Crawlspace Comedy Theatre release for tonight's show.

The show will start at 8 pm, with doors opening at 7 pm. Beer & wine will be available for purchase before and during the show. Tickets are $15. This is the link for tickets and more information.

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