It’s a situation many don’t want to discuss or even admit. Lots of healthcare workers across the State of Michigan simply won’t accept being vaccinated for the COVID-10 virus. By the thousands. This wasn’t supposed to happen. Everyone needs to be vaccinated according to Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and her top state health and medical staffers. But the professionals who are truly on the front line are turning their backs on vaccination against the virus. And it’s not just here in Michigan. It is being noted across America.

Bridge Magazine reports the statistics are noteworthy. In Wayne County, 600 of 1,600 first responders are declining to roll up their sleeves.  In Ingham County, home of the state capitol, about one-third of those front line medical care professionals are saying “No” to the vaccine.

Wayne County's chief health strategist is Dr. Mouhanad Mammami. The Dr. tells Bridge, “There were some [EMS] departments that everybody said, ‘We will come and take it. But then you have, maybe in a company, 25 EMS workers and only two said, ‘We want the vaccine.” The Dr  says health care workers are, “...privileged to be amongst the first” to get the vaccine, and presumably “would be more informed about … a vaccine trial and have a little bit more trust.”

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Forbes is reporting this week that a very high percentage of frontline healthcare workers and professionals are outright refusing the vaccine or are expressing hesitation. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine is “troubled” that a very low percentage of nursing home workers are accepting vaccination. He estimates as many as 60% of the nursing home care employees in his state are refusing to be vaccinated.

Forbes is also reporting that the chief of critical care at Houston's United Memorial Medical Center told NPR last month that better than 50% of the nurses in his unit told him the vaccine is a no go for them. In New York, a survey of city firefighters shows more than half planned to refuse the vaccine.

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