Hello, good evening and welcome to the game show Michiganders LOVE to play every few months: Who Screwed Up Our State? Now in this game the rules are simple, you stand out as being one of the most culturally diverse and uniquely shaped states and then you wait for someone to throw a graphic on television that misidentifies one of our peninsulas. First team to do it wins. One your mark, get set, go! *BING BING BING*

Oh it looks like we have a winner! This time it's Fox News' Hannity show that has completely botched Michigan. Let's see how they jumbled Michigan this time. Oh! Very interesting, they decided to label our Upper Peninsula as Canada, as seen on the graphic below:

But wait! Our judges are meeting and they're now saying that Fox News does not get rewarded any points because in fact, they've already used this exact graphic mislabeling the Upper Peninsula as Canada. Our judges are saying that last year, a Fox News affiliate out of Wisconsin was airing a news story about the Foxconn deal in downstate Mount Pleasant with the same map, only altering the featured city related to the story.

We're very sorry Fox News unfortunately we won't be able to award you any points but you will go home with this exciting prize: a friggin' map of Michigan.

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