No stones left to turn? Citing a lack of unique spaces to explore, Hidden Kalamazoo will not be conducting a tour in 2019.

After 5 years of activity and exploration Hidden Kalamazoo will not be staging a 2019 tour.

To all our faithful Hidden Kalamazoo Followers – since 2013, the Hidden Kalamazoo Tour has revealed secret spaces, both vacant and in active use, in downtown Kalamazoo. Over 5,000 people have toured the spaces traveling back in time for a glimpse of the past and a vision of what an old building can become. As of today, February 15, 2019, there are only TWO vacant spaces in downtown Kalamazoo that we have not toured – one of them has no staircase at all so access is only from a ladder to a window and the other has a staircase that will not hold up to lots of tourists.


There is some good news for amateur archaeologists and those who love to investigate the nooks and crannies of Kalamazoo's past: Hidden Kalamazoo is working on a book detailing the history of buildings they have explored in past years. They revealed these plans for 2019 on their Facebook page. "In the meanwhile, we've been working on a book outlining the history of the buildings we've toured. It will include more than what you may have learned on the tour. Details later."

Since 2013, the Kalamazoo Historic Preservation Club has presented behind the scenes tours of some of Kalamazoo's best known landmarks, taking explorers behind the scenes and into places normally closed to the public. Past tour stops have included City Hall, Ladies Library, Masonic Temple, Old Dog Tavern and the upper floors of some downtown Kalamazoo businesses.

Bonus Video: What's in the basement? the Peregrine/First National Bank And Trust Building In Downtown Kalamazoo

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