A high school in Colorado will make female students, who are enrolled in their world religion class, to wear head coverings during an upcoming field trip to a mosque in Denver.

The school sent a notice to girls' parents that stated, "We will be visiting the Denver Mosque, the Assumption Greek Orthodox Cathedral, and the Rodef-Shalom Synagogue…THERE IS A DRESS CODE FOR THIS TRIP All students must wear appropriate long pants. Ankles must be covered. Girls must bring wide scarves or hooded sweatshirts for the mosque.” 

This is interesting, since public schools typically are not allowed to treat boys and girls differently — and in this case, they're treating the girls differently for religious reasons.

Yes, you should note that I said, "public high school" and "religious reasons." Interesting, is it not?

I say that the mosque can have any rules they want — as long as they are legal.  But the students should not be marked down if they choose not to go on the field trip to the mosque.

What are your thoughts about this?

Would you allow your daughter to go to the mosque, knowing she must cover her head?

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