Hillary Clinton has released some excerpts from her new book “What Happened” a post mortem of sorts from her perspective following the biggest upset defeat in American political history at the hands of a bombastic billionaire and political novice Donald Trump. Clinton offered some of the passages, narrated by her, to Morning Joe on MSNBC to air for the first time. I predict the read will be about two and a half stars out of five and I would bet it's typical Hillary, utterly boring.

Clinton also takes the time to paint herself as a victim of then candidate Trump who she said loomed behind her and invaded her space during the second Presidential debate. The debate came just a few days after the release of the Billy Bush tape where Trump is heard to say he can grab women and do what he wants because he’s rich.

She said Trump made her skin crawl when he stood behind her during one of her answers to the audience. While delivering the passage with all the enthusiasm she showed during a campaign stop at a Chipotle restaurant she fantasizes about what she should have done, including calling him a “creep.” She says, now she wishes she would have done that but instead reflects with this, “I chose option A kept my cool aided by a lifetime dealing with difficult men trying to throw me off.”

I wonder if she is referring, at least in part to her husband who has an infamous reputation about his poor treatment of women? I guess I will need to wait for the Lifetime Movie; Hillary! Until then, I will just have to wait because I have no more interest in reading, let alone buying her book than I did in voting for her to be President. I’m guessing millions of Americans feel exactly the same way.

I can guarantee two things about the new book that are certain to happen. First, despite lousy sales it will get put at the top of the New York Times bestseller list and second, it will mean we get to see and hear a lot more from Hillary in the weeks to come. I hope you are as excited as I am.

For some reason the Atlanta Falcons just popped into my head. Hmmmm.

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