I cannot say for sure where it will be. It might be with Russia on the Syrian frontier. It could be with China in the South Pacific. There could be an ignition point with Iran along the coast of the United Arab Emirates but I am sure it will be somewhere and it is going to be messy.

Hillary’s war is coming.

Hillary Clinton has always been trigger-happy. They call it hawkish when it is on Capital Hill but I might just call it by the good old-fashioned liberal term; warmonger. But what’s worse is that she is going to go looking for it. She has a big chip on her shoulder I believe and she needs show the world she must be taken seriously.

You see Hillary and God forgive me for my sexist take on this; but Hillary is going to have to prove she is as tough as any guy. The sad part about that is it will mean American blood on the ground, maybe a lot of it. Yes I am predicting that Hillary will take us into war in her first term.

She is not very gifted at negotiating it seems. Look at her failed re-set with Russia, the Arab spring or the abject failure in Libya. She fancies herself as some kind of master in the circles of world leaders and negotiators but sadly her track record does not bear that out.

We are living in very dangerous times. I will not lie- she scares the hell out of me. Her temper is legendary and her need to prove she belongs is going to be deadly. It may well help crush ISIS and some other dusty terrorists on the other side of the planet but Hillary’s propensity for military action will trigger something much bigger and much worse and my fear is it won’t take too long to happen.

You have been warned.